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Tomiuk Grycko & Associates specializes in appraisals for residential, multiple family, condominiums, agricultural (including hobby farms, acreages and large holdings), limited commercial/investment and recreational properties in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. Appraisals have been completed for mortgage placement, mortgage insurance, taxation purposes, marital asset distribution purposes, net worth calculations, value disputes leading to arbitration, mediation and the Manitoba Courts and future value assignments based on proposed improvements to a property. Our designated appraisers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in providing retrospective, current and hypothetical/future value estimates.

Tomiuk Grycko & Associates brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as youthful insight to the real estate appraisal industry, working to exceed our clients’ expectations. We hope that you will choose to rely on our services for your future real estate appraisal needs.

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  • Testimonials

    Dear Gord,

    My apologies; this is probably my 6th time starting this email.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our appraisal. From our very first phone conversation, I knew we could rest at ease that someone knowledgeable, professional, and understanding would be conducting our appraisal. Tomiuk Grycko was our 5th attempt to find an appraiser. After, several phone calls and pricing all over the map without ever asking a question about the property; I spoke with Gord. After telling him what we were looking for, he explained that he would look up the property and do some research into it first, then he would be able to come back with an estimate. The appraisal was not an easy one, and required someone with knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to complete accurately. When Gord and Jennifer came to our house, they were punctual, efficient with their work, as unobtrusive as is possible in these situations, and made us feel at ease about the whole experience. They were courteous, and careful not to wear their shoes in our house; answered our questions while taking measurements and notes.
    We had several issues develop while Gord was completing our appraisal and he handled them expertly. He corresponded with our mortgage broker, with us, always being careful and deliberate with his words. I could tell he put much thought into what he wrote.
    When it was all finished we received a letter to give our lender, an appraisal with an "as is" value as well as an "upon completion" value. The appraisal was fair, and thorough. It was easy to see how he came to the appraised values. It was also very apparent that there was much research required to arrive at those values. We were very happy with our whole experience. We will likely have many more appraisals in our future, and will rest at ease knowing that Tomiuk Grycko will be handling them.


    Aimée Benjamin
  • Hi Gord,

    Thank you for the very professional appraisal. It's clear that you and your team put a great deal of effort into the report. We are happy with the outcome and we will be recommending you to our friends and family.

    Thank You,

    Bryan and Amanda